Mom, 34, convicted of mooning Suffolk school bus

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A mother of a middle school student was convicted of disorderly conduct this week after mooning her son's bus driver and the roughly 45 students riding the bus.

Lisa Marie Grant, 34, of Suffolk was sentenced to six months in jail with all but one month suspended and fined $250 for the misdemeanor, according to court records.

Also on Tuesday, a General District Court judge found Grant not guilty of an indecent exposure charge.

The conflict started when the John Yeates Middle School bus driver sent Grant's son home with a conduct notice, a warning given before a discipline referral is written, Bethanne Bradshaw, a division spokeswoman, wrote in an email.

Grant's attorney, Steven Oser, said the mother wanted to talk to the driver about the notice, so she walked to the bus stop that November day with her son and a 4-year-old.

According to the arrest warrant, the driver offered to talk to Grant through a side window but wouldn't let her board the bus.

Grant "became very irate and began cursing" before blocking the path of the bus, the warrant said. Then, the warrant stated, Grant exposed her buttocks and one breast.

Oser said his client denies exposing her breast and only bared her underwear when mooning the bus.

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Sounds like the apple didn't

Sounds like the apple didn't fall far from the tree...

Or was it just a wardrobe malfunction?

"Surprising Suffolk" takes on a whole new meaning here. Bring back the old motto - it fits!


Coffee spitting moment.... Too funny.

I think momma had some

I think momma had some bourbon with her pancakes that morning!! Only in Suffolk. Give her a reality show.

I don't think so

I think mamma is as out of control as her "little darlin". Maybe she does need a little something with her pancakes besides syrup. I hear too much sugar can cause these outbursts. (that was meant to be a joke) Evidently her and her kid are suffering from ADHD. Maybe child protection services should step in before this child grows up to be just like their mother. Sounds like one spoiled "adult?" raising the next generation of spoiled young adults. I don't know how bus drivers or teachers can even want to deal with this type of child and parent. Somebody needs to start standing up for them before there is no one left on this planet that will want to transport or teach the future students of America.

How the world has changed...

When we were kids, our parents always assumed that we were guilty and we would have to have a darn good story to even get them to question a note brought home from school. Nowadays, it is "my sweet little darling would never act up, it must be someone else's fault!"

It's frustrating

I wouldn't assume she was defending little johnny without more information. I've been in the same situation of trying to discuss my child's conduct with the driver. Rules don't allow me on the bus, the driver won't get out of the seat, so we're reduced to shouting at each other over the noise of the engine. If you can understand half of what the driver is bellowing you're doing well. The rule that the parent can't set foot on the bus step is ridiculous. Of course I'm not justifying mooning the driver....

You really want a psycopath on the bus??

"The rule that the parent can't set foot on the bus step is ridiculous." Really? I think that anyone that is aggressive enough to argue with a bus driver, or even demand an impromptu meeting with a working driver should not be allowed anywhere near other people's children.

People that think the world

People that think the world owes them an explanation for why their precious snowflake was disciplined should have to work for a couple of years at a youth prison, where other snowflakes just like theirs wind up.

I think

Why would a parent discuss a situation with a bus driver while driver is working. They have enough to worry about without this extra stress. Follow your school districts rules for appeals. Also, I personally believe a bus driver has enough going on without worrying about disciplining an unruly child. If a child behaves him/her self the bus driver will not bother them.

You guys just don't

You guys just don't understand sign language. She was only trying to ask the guy for directions to Moonlight Point Rd and LongVue Avenue.

Moon Mom,try and find an attorney that can come up with a better excuse than I just gave you to use in court !

Why Me

Why do I miss these things when I'm driving ?


And the stigmas the plague the south continue.....

Oh please. You aren't going

Oh please. You aren't going to try and tell us people outside of VA don't moon each other?

And the North does not have any stigmas?

New York's such a wonderful city. Although I was at the library today. The guy was very rude. I said, "I'd like a card." He says, "You have to prove you're a citizen of New York." So I stabbed him. - Emo Philips

andthatstheway! .....you can't moon when...

One's head is an obstruction as it always is for those who attempt to assauge their failing rust belt state inferiority complex by falsely attacking the prosperous, growing South.


...you don't mean "rel0627"?


...and rel0727 is just one of those plagues. Do us all a favor and move away if you hate the South so much.

Submitting Lisa Marie

Submitting Lisa Marie Grant's name to Google yields interesting results. Don't ask me how I know.


This story is useless without pics.

Then again, maybe I should be wary of what I ask for.

Behind the scene

but.... butt.... buttt.... there must be more to the story!

a different idea

--interesting that the news reported that the charges were not for indecent exposure,--but was about her conduct.--no where in any of the news presented on TV did they say she was convicted of mooning anyone as the pilot is reporting.--those charges were dismissed.--but not by the pilot?

--someone is wrong.--which one?


How on earth could this kid have had conduct problems? I don't see it.

Good for the bus driver!

Kudos to the driver for not letting her on. Who knows what she would have done if she got on the bus? Even if the child has issues following bus rules, it must have been horrifying to watch your mom moon your classmates.

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